Connected Apps using REST API

If you are looking how to build Rest resource to access Salesforce data in your application, look no further. This blog demonstrates how to fetch account records from a Salesforce org via a Rest API.  Read more


Dynamic Apex Trigger

Being a Salesforce developer, you often get requirements which needs customization. You choose Triggers, Batch, Visualforce, Lightning Components and what not, depending on the need. Read more

Salesforce Integration with Google Folder – Using Auth. Provider and Named Credentials

This blog will provide the information on how we can Integrate Google drive i.e, create a Google Folder using custom code. We have used Auth. Provider and Named credentials to handle authentication for Google account. Read more

File upload using communication between lightning components and VF Pages

In this article, we are demonstrating how we can implement file upload in Lightning using inline VF page. Although we can implement file upload using only lightning JS but it limits us to upload only small size files. Read more


Creating dynamic lightning components through controller side JavaScript

You may come across with buiness need to create components dynamically from controller side JavaScript. In lightning, you may also face issues when child component ‘init’ method is called before parent’s ‘init’ method. Read more