Dreamforce 2018 is in the Limelight! Things to Expect in Salesforce Ohana! 

Dreamforce 2018

Almost every technology enthusiast has blocked dates from 25th to 28th of September, for the biggest event of the year- Dreamforce 2018! It’s just around the corner, being a month away and whether you are joining the event in-person or online, I am sure you must be excited to learn, grow, connect and enjoy- in a Dreamforce style! 

Discover the main themed highlights of Dreamforce 2018 in this blog while prepping up for your visit for this event. Trailblazers wait for this event all the year round as they are sure that there must be a plethora of things to learn from this Salesforce event.  

Keynotes– not to be missed! 

The guests who will deliver a sneak peek of the latest in Salesforce development is something not to be missed. Opening Keynote will be delivered by Marc Benioff and special guests while Lead Developer Evangelist Zayne Turner, Architect Christophe Coenraets, and Principal Mobile Architect Qingqing Liu will share their words on Product and Industry. 

If you are joining the crowd in San Francisco, then you are sure to enjoy every bit of this event by learning and exploring fresh opportunities. However, if you aren’t joining us in person, then keep your eyes on the live streaming of Salesforce Live 

Take a stroll through Einstein Park-  

Learning can’t be better than taking a stroll through Einstein Park! You can learn how to make apps smarter and clear your queries. The sessions will be organized where the experts will walk you through Einstein, including Einstein Analytics. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for powerful tips, Einstein Park is a place to be for everything AI.  

Exploring Developer’s Forest – a great idea! 

Discover and learn from the ton of demos that will happen in the Developer’s Forest conducted by a product expert. Drop by and ask your queries about updates to the product you use every day and quickly explore the platforms to build better apps. You can share your feedback directly with the experts about product roadmaps. Additionally, for 2018, you can stroll through the Tree of Integration- where the experts will demonstrate to connect Salesforce Apps in innovative ways with MuleSoft.  

A ‘must’ visit to – Robotics Ridge 

TrailheaDX is back and better than ever for Dreamforce, and undoubtedly, Robotics Ridge was a big hit in this year’s TrailheaDX conference. You can explore the ways to learn how different Salesforce technologies – including Lightning Platform, IoT, Heroku and Platform Events can be assembled together to power up the line of Robots.   

Connect with Fresh Opportunities & Stories at Community Cove-  

Finding ‘your’ kind of people is always a great way to learn and inspire. Thousands of Trailblazers from across the globe come together to connect and inspire each other in Ohana. Sharing experiences and learning from others’ experiences opens immense opportunities for the participants. And for sure- Dreamforce is a roof of bigger opportunities for everyone.  

Be Ready to Blaze Your Trail-  

Anyone can be a Trailblazer- administrators, sales heads, developers, marketers, CEOs, and others. If you see a Trailblazer, you are meeting a leader, a transformer, an innovator. They set their own path and empower each other to blaze their own trails. Trailblazers unite with each other by a mutual desire to live Salesforce’s core values- trust, growth, innovation, and equality!  

So, are you excited to be a part of the biggest Salesforce Ohana? These are just few highlights that you may discover by attending Dreamforce 2018. I am sure, that a lot is lined up for every participant who is going to be in San Francisco for those wonderful four days. Once you are back from Dreamforce, you will find yourself more refreshed and reinvigorated – for sure!