Only 56% of higher education respondents report that they have already invested in and deployed CRM. – Gartner

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Providing Exceptional Services to Customers through Case Entitlements

Customer Service is one of the key aspects of the business. Businesses that use salesforce can make use of Case Entitlements to provide better service to their customers. Read more

The proficiency of the support team and customer gratification are both top preferences for any company, so to maintain these preferences, different processes for managing support cases and customer requests are needed to be established, but Salesforce has made it very easier for all of us with the introduction of Case Escalations. Read more

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

We’ve come across several reviews raving about Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its number one feature – Journey Builder.

And, why the hype?

With 4.7/5 overall peer rating on Gartner, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is every bit as powerful as it sounds and loaded with features that effectively enable reaching out to the subscribers in a highly personalized and customized way. Read more

Enhanced Security with Report Event Policy

Report event policies monitor when data is viewed or downloaded from your reports. So, what could be the different use cases where you can use its magic. Here are a few examples:

  1. Require two-factor authentication for all users accessing or downloading reports over a specific size. To attain maximum coverage, write a policy that notifies you and blocks access to reports that process more than a certain number of rows.
  2. Block the downloads for specific user IDs, report IDs, and dashboard IDs.
  3. Disallowing to run or export reports having a column with a specific name. It could contain some sensitive patent data.

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