“Lack of user adoption is responsible for 70% of failed CRM projects”

Did you know that on an average, half of the Salesforce licenses don’t get used within an organization?

To transform the way your users think– a great product selection is not enough. Companies know this as “Shelfware” – software that people are told to use but may end up ignoring. You want to maximize the use of those Salesforce licenses, drive up productivity and efficiency of the teams, improve data quality and also speed up onboarding. PHEW.

But how can you make sure that the users of your org don’t struggle when trying to reach all these goals?

Here are 3 steps to drive user adoption using elements.cloud –

1. Embed a process diagram inside an object

  • Works for Lightning as well as Classic pages, custom or standard objects
  • Allows drill down to child processes if any
  • Gives access to all documentation associated – external links, images, videos and more!

2. Use the lightning utility bar to drop a process diagram component which can be based on record, type and the object being displayed

3. In-app help and training – it doesn’t get any better than this!

First of all, your setup within Salesforce shows valuable information –

Second of all, you can make available any documentation item as “help”.

Last of all, your end users can see (and open of course), all of your documentation links in your org. Seriously! Imagine playing an external video for lightning migration help, without leaving your org!

Oh yes, and users can also leave a feedback and that gets posted on Elements.cloud comments stream. You are welcome, Salesforce Admin!

This is true bliss – relevant training material when and where you need it.

To summarize, don’t just build a solution – get it adopted!

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