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Enhanced Security with Report Event Policy

Report event policies monitor when data is viewed or downloaded from your reports. So, what could be the different use cases where you can use its magic. Here are a few examples: Require two-factor authentication for all users accessing or downloading reports over a specific size. To attain maximum coverage, write a policy that notifies […]

Platform events Introduction

The most commonly used traditional approach to build integrations is via batch/future/queueable features that uses request-response communication model. Mostly, the request will be sent to the server and wait for the response.

Lightning Component Recursion

Have you come across building and displaying tree-hierarchy in lightning page before? The traditional approach of forming data for such scenario is have an apex controller to traverse down the hierarchy using SOQL queries and recursion. But, we may end up having SOQL

Einstein Platform – Language (Beta)

Einstein Language is part of Einstein platform services to build natural language processing into your apps to extract powerful insights within text. This can be understanding the intent or sentiment (positive or negative) behind the text.

Einstein Platform – VISION- Part 2

Einstein Object Detection Let’s say you’re a developer who works for Alpine, a company that produces and sells cereal. Alpine wants to monitor which products are found on store shelves and where those products are located. So they have sales reps that visit various markets and take photos of shelves in the cereal aisle.

Einstein Platform – VISION- Part 1

Salesforce provides many cool Einstein features out of the box to improve sales, marketing, service. All company and customer needs are unique on or the other way. You may not get everything from out of the box features and you need a developer to build custom Einstein feature.

Sales Cloud Einstein

It is important that the sales figures translate most of the clues to focus on the right way to close the deals more quickly and stay in touch with the prospects for making a right offer.