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Power of Pardot!

Pardot is marketing tool which provides you great platform you to design and automate the marketing activities. It also bridges the gap between marketing and sales team by providing all the data and statistics in one place. Pardot’s capability of providing details about prospect interacting with your Company and reporting capability has made it favorite […]

Plan Your Lightning Journey

All the lightning features mentioned in previous blog share the reasons that you must switch to the lightning experience. Remember a universal truth, change is not easy. You need a thoughtful plan to succeed. Before migrating to lightning, you should consider below important aspects  : 

ITs all about lightning!!!

We had been listening about lightning in Salesforce ecosystem from past 2 to 3 years. As its future, it’s very important to understand what is lightning all about, what is the advantage of selecting lightning experience for a new customer or migrate from classic to lightning for an existing customer. Along with that, it’s also […]