The least favorite part of my job (and how Catalyst saved the day)

You guessed it right – we don’t want to do it, but we complain about the lack of it – documentation wins hands down in this category! In our rushed world of deadlines and quick fixes, documentation finds itself residing on whiteboards, pictures of whiteboards, post-its, shared Google docs and my personal favourite – illegible notes. Read more

Lookup Prepopulate Value Component in Lightning

Salesforce already has many out of box UI and Lightning Base components, but there is always scope for something more. We came across a requirement where we had to override a standard button of custom object and that component, we needed a Lookup input with prepopulated values on load.
Read more

Work with Salesforce Live Agent

Once all the basic configurations for live agent is setup, we can start planning the deployment and handling of Chats as mentioned below Read more

DocuSign Connect and Basic Configuration to Salesforce

DocuSign is a service which exchanges electronic signature on Digital Documents. DocuSign signs, sends and manages document from anywhere and anytime. DocuSign integrate into many of the tools and business system. i.e, dropbox, google App, Microsoft OneDrive, NetSuite, SugarCRM. DocuSign is also available for iOS, Android, and Windows Read more

Setup SSO for your Salesforce Community

Looking for SSO authentication for your Employee/Partner/Customer to login to community using? Okta is your friend then. Okta runs on the cloud, on a secure, reliable and extensively audited platform, which integrates deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems. To make it simpler, we will just focus on setting up SSO authentication flow for SF communities using Okta.  Read more

Field Service Lightning – Introduction

Service Cloud functionalities are expanded by field service lightning features adding dispatching, monitoring, and reporting field service representative’s activity etc. Field Service Lightning is a powerful set of features which you can customize to meet your own unique field service needs. Read more

Platform events Introduction

The most commonly used traditional approach to build integrations is via batch/future/queueable features that uses request-response communication model. Mostly, the request will be sent to the server and wait for the response. Read more

Power of Pardot!

Pardot is marketing tool which provides you great platform you to design and automate the marketing activities. It also bridges the gap between marketing and sales team by providing all the data and statistics in one place. Pardot’s capability of providing details about prospect interacting with your Company and reporting capability has made it favorite among all the tools available in the market. Read more

Lightning Events

Lightning components are designed to be self-contained and independent but The Lightning framework uses events to communicate data between components. Events are usually triggered by a user action. Read more

Dynamic Picklist options in Design Attribute

Consider a simple scenario that you developed a custom component to show a list of records on App page based on object name provided by the Admin. Instead of providing object name manually you can get all list of object names dynamically in a pick list in design attribute and Admin can easily select object name to show a list of records in the component. Read more