Enable Open Banking with Salesforce

Your bank account holds your money, and you probably use your checking account for most of your transactions and payment. But the increase in technological advances creates options to maximize the value you get from your respective banks. Read more

Linking WordPress to Salesforce

Many businesses have their content published on CMS tools like WordPress.

How many of them want to migrate and switch to Salesforce? A critical decision for sure. Right?  So, what is the solution? Read more

Salesforce, V2Force And Second Chances

First of all, a confession.

“I am a workaholic.”

There was a time taking leaves would cause me serious discomfort. There was a time I felt guilty for having spent time socializing at work instead of “working”. My identity was once upon a time based on my job – and my job only. Read more

Listen to GayatriGoda sharing insights on the podcast by Element.cloud and know more about #SalesforceROIAccelerator here at https://www.v2force.com/salesforce-roi-accelerators/ to embark your journey. Read more

Let me ask a simple question to you. How do doctors ascertain that you are suffering from an ailment? By performing a checkup or doing some tests, right? Read more

“Lack of user adoption is responsible for 70% of failed CRM projects”

Did you know that on an average, half of the Salesforce licenses don’t get used within an organization? Read more

Today is a special day for our planet. It’s a day when we celebrate our planet by promoting ideas of ecology and take initiatives to make it a better place. Well, let me tell you the importance of 22nd April in the calendar, its “Earth day”. Read more

It is predicted that by 2022, over 3.3 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem and it will become the top tech skill paying more than $200k per year. That means, if you have been looking to acquire new skills in order to open up high-paying job opportunities for yourself, then getting a Salesforce certification might be the perfect option for you. Read more

You guessed it right – we don’t want to do it, but we complain about the lack of it – documentation wins hands down in this category! In our rushed world of deadlines and quick fixes, documentation finds itself residing on whiteboards, pictures of whiteboards, post-its, shared Google docs and my personal favourite – illegible notes. Read more

Salesforce already has many out of box UI and Lightning Base components, but there is always scope for something more. We came across a requirement where we had to override a standard button of custom object and that component, we needed a Lookup input with prepopulated values on load.
Read more