Are you spending too much time toggling between systems?  It’s time to use Outlook and Salesforce together.

You can stay productive with these key features:

  • Keep your contacts, events, and tasks in sync between Salesforce and Outlook.
  • Relate your Outlook emails, attachments, events, and tasks to the Salesforce records of your choice, directly from Outlook.
  • Create new Salesforce records directly from Outlook.

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Have you come across building and displaying tree-hierarchy in lightning page before?

The traditional approach of forming data for such scenario is have an apex controller to traverse down the hierarchy using SOQL queries and recursion. But, we may end up having SOQL Read more

Sales Live Agent helps Visitors or Customers from the website to get real-time assistance from the Online Live Agent user. Customers or Visitors can initiate the chat sessions by simply clicking the button or link or invitation on a webpage. Now, Live Agent user can support end users faster through the chat. One of the exciting thing with live agent feature is, chat can be routed to different Live Agent users based on their skill set. Read more

Let me give you a gist about what is Heroku Enterprise. It a Platform-as-a-Service. You can build custom applications in open-source languages like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Go using Heroku. You can also use Heroku to deploy, manage, and scale your apps.

Here we will learn how to run a java application on Heroku. Read more

If you haven’t signed up yet, check my previous blog and complete the process.

All set? Let’s do some hands on:

Provision the Heroku Postgres and Heroku Connect Add-On

In this step, you provision a relational database by adding the Heroku Postgres add-on. Read more

What is Heroku Enterprise?

As a developer wouldn’t it be great if you could choose the language and tools in which you want to construct apps? So here’s Heroku Enterprise that provides one such intuitive interface that enables you to build custom applications in open-source languages like Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and Go. Read more

The Single Sign-On Setting using authentication provider lets your users log in to your Salesforce org using their login credentials from an external service provider. Read more

Einstein Language is part of Einstein platform services to build natural language processing into your apps to extract powerful insights within text. This can be understanding the intent or sentiment (positive or negative) behind the text. Read more

Einstein Object Detection

Let’s say you’re a developer who works for Alpine, a company that produces and sells cereal. Alpine wants to monitor which products are found on store shelves and where those products are located. So they have sales reps that visit various markets and take photos of shelves in the cereal aisle. Read more