It is important that the sales figures translate most of the clues to focus on the right way to close the deals more quickly and stay in touch with the prospects for making a right offer. Read more

Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new term anymore, I believe. It has spread it’s presence across different technologies. At a high level, AI is making “machines think like humans.” Read more

Integrated system is a great need to run business successfully. So while Marketo helps you capture more leads, Salesforce plays an important role in nurturing and monitoring them. In such scenarios, integration plays an important role. Read more

The word “Transaction Security” sounds like you are making a secure transaction in day to day life while selling/buying certain things! But at Salesforce, it’s a different terminology used to monitor salesforce events to spot the issue and take an action right away! Read more

Customer is the foundation of every business success. To build better relationship and understand their need, you want not only easy to use tools but also personalized experience. Salesforce completely understand importance of this and provides community with multilanguage support. Read more

Lightning Service Console

Lightning Service Console is the heart of Service Cloud. This provides personalized view of each customer and their cases. The Service Console is a standard Salesforce Lightning console app that meets all your service needs but you can customize it as per your need.  Read more

Retrieve and deploy using SFDX

There are several script options available in market to perform retrieve and deploy in Salesforce. Eventually, all of them usage Salesforce Metadata API. What if I say, Salesforce has it’s own tool to perform all such operations. Read more

If you are looking how to build Rest resource to access Salesforce data in your application, look no further. This blog demonstrates how to fetch account records from a Salesforce org via a Rest API.  Read more

Being a Salesforce developer, you often get requirements which needs customization. You choose Triggers, Batch, Visualforce, Lightning Components and what not, depending on the need. Read more

This blog will provide the information on how we can Integrate Google drive i.e, create a Google Folder using custom code. We have used Auth. Provider and Named credentials to handle authentication for Google account. Read more