Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new term anymore, I believe. It has spread it’s presence across different technologies. At a high level, AI is making “machines think like humans.”

It is about making your daily experiences smarter, by adding intelligence into your day to day apps. We all have used AI one or the other way:

  • Siri acts as a personal assistant, using voice processing
  • Amazon provides recommended products, using machine learning algorithms
  • Google Maps provides optimal routes, with touch point

For Salesforce, it’s Einstein – an AI for Salesforce CRM which helps the business to work in smart way! For each cloud, Einstein has its contribution to the business:

Sales Cloud Einstein:

  • It is important that the sales figures translate most of the clues to focus on the right way to close the deals more quickly and stay in touch with the prospects for making a right offer. Most of the cases, reps spend less than 50% of their actual time selling to customers. Rest of the time goes in logging day to day activities.
  • Productivity through automation is their most important asset here.
  • This Einstein features are guides sales reps to find the best leads and opportunities so they can concentrate on closing the right deals, notify about important business developments related to their accounts.

Service Cloud Einstein:

  • Contact centers are concerned to solve customer issues in efficiency and deliver a memorable customer experience for every customer. With Service Cloud Einstein, contact centers can automatically unlock deep customer insights with AI-powered omni-channel insights and analytics to increase agent productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • To resolve customer service cases faster, Einstein recommends case classification that automatically defines cases based on user histories and trends. In addition, relevant information required to resolve cases, such as knowledge articles or videos, are automatically surfaced, saving agents valuable time and creating improved customer experiences.
  • Companies can now provide mobile employees with a connected service app on their mobile so they can deliver personalized service to customers anywhere.

Marketing Cloud Einstein:

  • Every customer is unique. Marketers need to know which channels customers spend the most time in, how to deliver the right content and when to engage with them through personalized campaign.
  • Analyzing past customer behavior helps marketers predict future behavior, anticipate customer needs.
  • This Einstein provides,
    • Predictive Scoring about customer’s likelihood to engage with specific emails
    • Predictive Audiences to build custom audience segments based on predicted behavior
    • Suggest best times to deliver messages with automated send-time optimization
    • Analysis on customer sentiment and intent to know them better.

Community Cloud Einstein:

  • Personalizing community experiences by recommending content, experts tips for potential customer questions by providing knowledge articles or videos quickly.
  • It is very important that customer experiences are derived from not only the product quality, but also with good service and support.
  • Instead of calling agents each time or dig into service guides to get answers to the questions, customers have new expectation to get rid of this traditional approach and get answers faster. Einstein provides automation that acts like a self-service option at any time on any device to get the right content.

Analytics Cloud Einstein:

  • Business users need insights about their customers so they can make the best decisions. But all we have is data about the customers in the org. Making data-driven decisions isn’t always easy.
  • It is important that data isn’t outdated when it reaches to the business users. This Einstein discovers insights from millions of data combinations in minutes by automatically examining all possible variable combinations in a dataset. This helps in taking high-value actions analyzing the insights derived to improve the business.

Commerce Cloud Einstein:

  • With the Commerce Cloud, you can represent your brand consistently by delivering unified and personalized consumer experiences across every touchpoint.
  • Einstein helps in quickly understanding shoppers’ purchase patterns to recommend the right products and offers at the right time to increase order value in a way to drive engagement.
  • Personalized search and category pages for every shopper saves their time indirectly results in increased value in the business.

Salesforce Platform Einstein:

  • Enable developers to build AI-powered apps for specific use case
  • With Einstein Image Classification API you can train deep learning models to recognize and classify images. You can use pretrained classifiers or create your own custom classifier to solve unique use case including visual search, brand detection, and object identification.
  • With the Einstein Language (Beta) APIs, you can harness the power of natural language processing to analyze intent and sentiment behind the text in emails, posts.

NOTE: Some services and license subscriptions include these features for an extra cost whereas some are included within existing services with no additional cost