Top 5 Salesforce Spring '20 Release Features - V2Force_blog Banner

Salesforce’s major Spring ’20 release was globally available on February 17, 2020. Like every other Salesforce release, Spring ’20 has brought hundreds of new features and advancements across a wide variety of products and clouds. Read more

Salesforce CRM trends in 2020

“You are caller number 12; please stay on the line” – a few years ago, a message like this was the standard part of the customer experience journey.

Read more

Data Scraping from Unstructured Documents

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction or scraping from documents is a process of retrieving data from unstructured documents or other various data sources for further data processing or storage. Data extraction is the process of getting data from a pool of documents to further process it for analysis. Read more

Enable Open Banking with Salesforce

Your bank account holds your money, and you probably use your checking account for most of your transactions and payment. But the increase in technological advances creates options to maximize the value you get from your respective banks. Read more

Linking WordPress to Salesforce

Many businesses have their content published on CMS tools like WordPress.

How many of them want to migrate and switch to Salesforce? A critical decision for sure. Right?  So, what is the solution? Read more

Salesforce, V2Force And Second Chances

First of all, a confession.

“I am a workaholic.”

There was a time taking leaves would cause me serious discomfort. There was a time I felt guilty for having spent time socializing at work instead of “working”. My identity was once upon a time based on my job – and my job only. Read more

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