Enhanced Security with Report Event Policy

Report event policies monitor when data is viewed or downloaded from your reports. The blog talks about of a scenario of blocking a user when exporting any opportunity report with the help of Report Event Policy under Transaction Event Policy. After a user is blocked over 10 rows of data , you receive a notification via email to a subsequent user when a certain condition is met.

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Export Data in CSV using JavaScript in Salesforce Lightning

Recently while working on a lightning community, we came across a use case of exporting tabular data in CSV. We were looking for a solution, which is (prioritized top to bottom):

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Quicker to achieve
  3. Good in performance with a large data set

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Most of the Salesforce customers are now switching to lightning experience and so the need of custom lightning component development has increased rapidly. A better documentation is very much needed for smooth transition and to make it easy to understand by other developer. Read more