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Salesforce’s major Spring ’20 release was globally available on February 17, 2020. Like every other Salesforce release, Spring ’20 has brought hundreds of new features and advancements across a wide variety of products and clouds.

Salesforce’s Spring ’20 Release Notes delivers innovations across the customer 360 platform that empowers you to get a single shared view of your customer.

Here’s a quick review of the top 5 most treasured Spring ’20 Features to look forward to –

  • Assign tasks to Queues to Share Work Efficiently

    What is it?
    Reps can assign tasks to their shared queues and then individuals can take ownership of those tasks from the queue’s list views.

    Where can you find this change?
    This change applies to Lightning Experience, Professional Enterprise, Performance, Developer and Unlimited Editions.

    Why people are loving it?
    This feature is one of the most requested on the IdeasExchange with over 55k points. When reps assign tasks to the queue, those tasks are automatically available to the members of the queue, which means everyone can pitch in to help each other. There isn’t a need to be dependent on one Sales rep to do it all. Now others on the team can lend a hand without getting the work delegated or reassigned.

    Assign tasks to Queues to Share Work Efficiently

  • Single Permission Set groups for Easier Assignment

    What is it?
    You can now assign users a single permission set group instead of multiple permission sets. Permission set groups combine selected permission sets to provide all the permissions that the user seeks and needs from their job. You can also remove individual permissions from a group with the permission muting feature just to ensure that users don’t get permissions that are not relevant to them.

    Why people love it?
    This increases the efficiency of granting permissions in a more granular way. If you have multiple users wanting the same specific permissions or are looking to expand their permission sets, this feature is for you!

    Single Permission Set groups for Easier Assignment

  • Empty the Recycle Bin in One Step

    What is it?
    Previously, you could either select individual items to delete or had to switch to the Salesforce Classic to permanently delete all at once but now with the Salesforce’s Lightning Experience, you can empty your entire recycle bin with a single click.

    Why people love it?
    Admins can now manage the Recycle Bin from Lightning Experience without switching back to classic.

  • Opportunity contact roles Process Builder and Flow Builder

    What is it?
    You can use Flow Builder and Process Builder to automate various business processes that involve opportunity contact roles, so sales reps don’t have to manually do that.

    Why people love it?
    It saves clicks for your Sales team! For example, you can now create a process that adds a required opportunity contact role to every new opportunity. When opportunity contact roles are created or updated, you can send notifications to opportunity owners.

    Opportunity contact roles Process Builder and Flow Builder

  • Clone campaigns and/or opportunities with Related Records

    What is it?
    The clone with related action makes it really easy to create recurring campaigns and opportunities.

    Why people are loving it?
    Your account reps no longer have to find and add related items one by one when they re-create those records. Such features are convenient, user-friendly and provide ease in the way sales reps work.

It’s now time to grab your metal detectors and find the treasures you long in Spring ’20!