DocuSign is a service which exchanges electronic signature on Digital Documents. DocuSign signs, sends and manages document from anywhere and anytime. DocuSign integrate into many of the tools and business system. i.e, dropbox, google App, Microsoft OneDrive, NetSuite, SugarCRM. DocuSign is also available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, office365. And DocuSign supports around 43 languages.
Also, we can connect through both DocuSign as well as Salesforce.

  1. Here are the Steps to connecting DocuSign to Salesforce:
    From AppExchange we must install DocuSign package through link.
  2. After Installing DocuSign, we should create DocuSign Account
    Note: If you want it for demo purpose then you can use following link to create DocuSign Account. Its free and included all Enterprise features of DocuSign using this link.
    And If you are a pay Customer then create Account using this link.
  3. After Creating DocuSign Account. Connect DocuSign to Salesforce (FROM Salesforce).
    1. From the apps drop-down list selects ‘DocuSign for Salesforce’.
    2. Click on ‘DocuSign Admin tab’ Add Username, password and Environment Click on ‘Log in’
    3. Then on Connect DocuSign to Salesforce Window. Enter the Username, password and environment of salesforce Org and click on connect.

      The DocuSign is connected to Salesforce Successfully.
    4. Connect DocuSign to Salesforce (FROM DocuSign).
      1. Click on Top Right Corner Profile and Select ‘Go to Admin’ from drop down
      2. On Admin Page from left side Click on Connect Under Integrations.
      3. Click on Add Configuration Drop down and select ‘Salesforce’
      4. On Login Configuration Pop-up fill the information of Salesforce Org i.e Environment, Salesforce Username and Salesforce Password and click on Add button.
      5. Then ‘Connect for Salesforce Configuration’ under System Settings Activate the Connection and Save it.

Successfully done with Connect for Salesforce Configuration from DocuSign.

For Classic

Drag and Drop the ‘send with DocuSign’ button in Page layout (Account, Opportunity, Contract, Contact or Lead) in Classic Salesforce and if you want ‘send with DocuSign’ button on detail page of Child object then you must build with JavaScript in classic.
Using this JavaScript, we can create Custom button of ‘Send with DocuSign’.

For Lightning

  1. Click on opportunity, Account or Contact Tab in Salesforce Lightning in which you want to add DocuSign
  2. Then Select any record and click on gear icon at the top right corner and select Edit Page from Dropdown.
  3. Search in Lightning Component for DocuSign and drag and drop in Lightning page and save it.

So, you can able to see ‘send with DocuSign’ button in lightning.

Happy Exploring!