Today is a special day for our planet. It’s a day when we celebrate our planet by promoting ideas of ecology and take initiatives to make it a better place. Well, let me tell you the importance of 22nd April in the calendar, its “Earth day”.

So, where does this thought of Earth day celebration came and why? Let’s learn its history begoring moving further. Earth day was founded by the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970, to focus on issues related to the environment. It is a global event where more than 193 countries coordinate and conduct events globally to create a better future for our planet. This event is getting bigger day-by-day and it is time that we do our bit to contribute to this event. Here are few small steps that we take at our office premises to contribute our share:

  • No office can run without printing, but we can certainly save paper sheets by limiting our printing. We try and use whiteboard instead of paper to note down or draw, this way we can wipe off and use it again and again, unlike paper sheets.
  • Plastic cups, plates, and straws contributes to a major amount of plastic waste collected at office premises. We have replaced the plastic cutlery with ceramic or glass which reduces the plastic waste drastically.
  • We make sure that we switch off the computer system while going away from it for a long time. Also, we make sure that the lights/air conditioner of cabins/conference rooms are switched off when not in use.
  • We have added plants to our workspace surroundings to make it look greener and improve the air quality. A small desk plant would be a great décor piece for your desk. So, get it soon.
  • We encourage people to use jute or cotton bags instead of plastic bags to carry lunch boxes and other belongings.

These are a few initiatives that we have taken at our level to celebrate this day. I think one day is not enough to celebrate this beautiful and versatile planet. Let us all pledge to follow few of the tips mentioned above to start with. I hope this article gave you some insights about Earth day and its zest.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!! 😊