Let me ask a simple question to you. How do doctors ascertain that you are suffering from an ailment? By performing a checkup or doing some tests, right?Similarly, Salesforce is like a living being in your company which requires health assessments at regular intervals to perform to its fullest capacity. Now the question arises when you should perform this Salesforce health check. Well, symptoms are bound to appear before disease and same is the case with Salesforce. There are certain symptoms which indicates that it’s time for a salesforce health check.

  • Inaccurate reports: Faulty data management affects the system and makes it ineffective which results in inaccurate reports. The whole effort of customizing the CRM as per your organizations gets in vain if the data is messy.
  • Avoidance of Salesforce: It’s an alarming situation for your organization when your Sales team avoids using Salesforce. No strategy can be successful if the user adoption is low and same is the case here. This is one of the factors hampering the success of Salesforce.
  • Data security issues: A secure login process is crucial to ensure that your organization’s information is secure even when an employee leaves the organization. If you are unsure and worried about data security, then it’s time you perform a health check.
  • Obsolete salesforce features: keeping pace with the new releases of salesforce is the key to getting maximum returns from it. It is advisable to perform a system health check at least once in six months.

CRM of the organization is constantly developing and evolving since implemented and regular checkups are the only means to reap the maximum benefits. Org Health Assessment and Deep Dive checks are short engagements programs customized specially for your organization to check the health of your Org. These assessments are crucial for Salesforce as it affects the key parameters like cost, ability to deliver on time, flexibility to change, adaptation to the business needs, ability to take advantage of the new key features. It helps to optimize the metadata, refactors customizations and reduces technical debt ensuring a more stable, scalable, secure and capable Salesforce ecosystem.

So how should you go about it? The firsts step is to do a thorough analysis to understand the current situation of your organization and then try to solve one by one. As a business owner/technical Manager, you can either perform the salesforce check on your own or you can take help from an expert. It consists of three stages – Discovery, Delivery, and Outcome.

In the delivery stage, the focus is on understating the current challenges faced and the business goals in mind. Quantifiable success goals are agreed upon for better clarity. A demonstration of Salesforce Optimizer and Security Health Check is given by the expert. The delivery stage starts with the assessment of key areas of platform performance like org adoption, declarative customizations, sandbox architecture, triggers, apex, etc. Areas which require improvement are identified to take further actions. In the outcome stage, the recommendations and best practices to address the issues identified are discussed.

This overall exercise will certainly show Improvement in delivering business requirements and will open a window for better understanding of technical debt and performance issues. Expand your horizons of Salesforce by doing this Org Health Assessment and Deep Dive checks to take your organization’s performance a notch higher.

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