We had been listening about lightning in Salesforce ecosystem from past 2 to 3 years. As its future, it’s very important to understand what is lightning all about, what is the advantage of selecting lightning experience for a new customer or migrate from classic to lightning for an existing customer. Along with that, it’s also key to know the things to be considered before shifting to lightning. We will provide you the answer to these questions. So, tighten up your seat belts, let’s have a lightning ride!!

What is lightning experience?

Lightning experience is the advanced UI which has modern look and feel. Along with a mesmerizing user experience, it has entirely redesigned pages and a rich pre-built component library which can be utilized by simple click and drag & drop. Also, the design of the pages eases the job for touch panel/ Mobile users. It also provides the efficient navigation which reduces the clicks and saves the time of the user. All the detailed pages have been optimized to show the important features first, making its UI sales rep friendly.

Benefits of Migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience –

There are number of useful features from sales reps to admins in lightning. All the departments in Salesforce such as sales, services, community, apps have embraced the lightning experience. We will list down some major advantages.

  • The advanced UI helps to increase the productivity of your employees.
  • As an added bonus rich component library helps to utilize the pre-build components without custom development.
  • Including the existing homepage components of classic, lightning also has smart components such as performance chart, Assistant, Today’s Events, Top Deals, Calendar and many more.
  • A record detail page is changed to have multiple tabs such as Detail, Related and News which make sure to get required information first.
  • Creating tasks and events is made easy with a single click and can be tracked easily by Activity timeline with filter options.
  • By utilizing Kanban view sales reps can easily track the opportunity in different stages. They can also view  and move their deals from one stage to another by simple drag and drop.
  • List view has been enhanced with an option to create a chart derived from it. This feature is the cherry on top of the cake for sales reps.
  • User can toggle between classic & lightning with a single click and get best out of both world.

All the above features help users to view the information lightning fast which is way to increase your organization’s productivity.

So what are you waiting for. Go get Lightning!!!