Pardot is marketing tool which provides you great platform you to design and automate the marketing activities. It also bridges the gap between marketing and sales team by providing all the data and statistics in one place. Pardot’s capability of providing details about prospect interacting with your Company and reporting capability has made it favorite among all the tools available in the market. When it comes to prospects interaction it gathers the information from all channels including social media, company website, blogs etc. In this article we will see how automation tools available in Pardot allow your organization to achieve better marketing and client wins.

Lead Nurturing with Engagement Studio

Lead nurturing plays a major role in in building a relationship with prospects. By frequent interaction with prospect and delivering the right content/information at the right time makes it possible. Engagement Studio, an automation tool in Pardot helps us to achieve the same thing. It has a capability of delivering required emails to prospects in timely manner based on actions of prospects. It also provides the capability of one-one email to prospects which makes prospects to feel that we are very attentive and responsive towards them. This leads strong relationship with customer and automation saves time and people effort on lead engagement.

Pardot campaign to track prospect’s activities:

Pardot campaign is used to keep a track of the activity of associated prospects. Activities such as opening emails, clicks on links provided in emails, visiting website and social network pages can be tracked on campaigns. Features like Pardot tracking code, custom redirects, forms and page actions allows actions to be tracked on respected campaigns which helps us to track the events and area of interest of prospects. Based on tracking capability we can provide the necessary information for prospects.

Social connectors to help posting and tracking all social platforms in one place:

Nowadays Social network marketing is a strongest and much needed strategy for any organization involved in marketing. As an organization may maintain many social platforms, Pardot provides connectors for major sites such as Linkedin, twitter and Facebook. Also, connectors for webinar-based apps like WebEx, GotToWebinaar, event-based app like Eventbrite, Video application like Wistia are supported by Pardot. Since all connectors are in one place it makes the marketing manager easy to track activities happening across different channels. We can also handle posting the contents on different channels in one single page is added value towards social media marketing.

Great reporting tools to measure the performance and success rate:

Every marketing manager loves reports on his team performance. Pardot reports helps you to view the performance of your Pardot materials and it helps you improvise on future assignments. There are multiple types of reports provide by Pardot. Campaign reports provides insight on activates performed by prospects related to a campaign. Pardot also provides reports on marketing materials such as list emails, form submissions, social page contents and connected Apps etc. Hence, we get all round information about different platforms used for marketing in one single place. Some of the reports even represented graphically which makes easier to check them in a glance.

All above motioned tools provides the insight how Pardot makes marketing easier and efficient for B2B organization. Stay tuned for more update implantation of automation tools.