Providing Exceptional Services to Customers through Case Entitlements

Customer Service is one of the key aspects of the business. Businesses that use salesforce can make use of Case Entitlements to provide better service to their customers.

What is Case Entitlement:

  • Case entitlement gives consumers direct and practical assistance. It offers features that allow us to identify, implement, and monitor the level of service as a part of managing customer support. And we can track your customer support agents working bandwidth as well.
  • Entitlement processes are timelines that include all the steps (or milestones) to be completed your support team to resolve support records such as cases or work orders. Each process contains the necessary logic to determine how to enforce the correct level of service for your clients.
  • Entitlements Management is a Salesforce- indigenous functionality that allows an organization to provide appropriate services at different levels to its customers.
  • One of the major points to use entitlements management is that it is configurable without getting deep into custom development.
  • Entitlements administrator in some situations will offer specific instructions to agents about the next steps or future steps, In Salesforce it is termed as ‘Milestones’.


1. Provides exceptional customer service: It’s our duty to keep our customers happy, to achieve that we can provide an exceptional service to our customers ensuring that neither of the cases remains unresolved.

2. Customize Your Customer Experience: Based on the requirement of customer we can make customizations in rules and their entries making the customer experience a good one.

3. Hold everyone engaged without any extra effort: Efforts are mandatory, but they should be in the right direction, so we can use these rules provided by salesforce to reduce the efforts of our support team.

Steps to configure Case Entitlements in Salesforce:

Step 1: From Setup, enter Entitlement Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Entitlement Settings.

Step 2: Select Enable Entitlement Management.

Step 3: Click Save. This takes us to a page where we can customize entitlement management settings.


Steps to configure Milestones and Entitlement Process in Salesforce:

Step 1: Click Setup Icon and select Service Setup.

Step 2: Enter Milestones in the Quick Find box and select Milestones.

Step 3: Click New Milestone and enter the milestone information (Name, Description, Recurrence Type)

Step 4: Click Save.


Create an Entitlement Process

An entitlement process provides a timeline for support agents giving the steps that need to be completed to resolve a case. Create a platinum or gold support process as a guideline for agents to use when managing cases for accounts or contacts that qualify for platinum or gold support.

Step 1: Click the Object Manager tab, then select Account.

Step 2: Select Fields & Relationships, then click New.

Step 3: Select Picklist and click Next and enter the details.

  • Field Label: Support Level
  • Values: Enter each value separated by a new line
  • Type these values in the text box, pressing Enter after each one: Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • Leave the rest as is and click Next

Step 4: Select the Visible header checkbox (to select all) then click Next.

Step 5: Click Save.

Step 6: Click the Service Setup Home tab.

Step 7: Enter Entitlement Processes in the Quick Find box and select Entitlement Processes.

Step 8: Click New Entitlement Process.

Step 9: Select Case as Entitlement Process Type.

Step 10: Click Next and enter the details.

  • Entitlement Process Name: Platinum Support
  • Description: Platinum Support process for customers
  • Active: Select
  • Case enters the process – based on the date it was created
  • Case exits the process: Based on when the case is closed

Step 11: Click Save.

Tada!! All set.