It is important that the sales figures translate most of the clues to focus on the right way to close the deals more quickly and stay in touch with the prospects for making a right offer.

Most of the cases, reps spend less than 50% of their actual time selling to customers. Rest of the time goes in logging day to day activities.

Productivity through automation is their most important asset here.

Know whether your org is ready or not!

The Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor analyzes your Salesforce organization. You’ll receive a Readiness Report, which tells you which Einstein features you’re ready to use now and which require additional steps.

Switch to Lightning Experience => Setup => Search and locate “Einstein sales” => Click on “Readiness Accessor” => Click on “Assess Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness to get the detailed report”.

You will get the report in email or as a pdf file under files tab. Once you have completed all the necessary fixes as per the report, you can explore below Einstein Sales features.

Einstein Activity Capture

  • This feature generates insights from sales-related activities to track them easily. Connect your email and calendar to Salesforce so that your emails and events are automatically logged in Salesforce and added to related records.
  • This eliminates data entry and increases productivity.

Einstein Lead Scoring

  • To help reps work faster with the best chance of converting leads, this automatically gives priority to the highest value, based on the probability of conversion with defined main scores.
  • Identify the key factors that determine predictive scoring to find out what the best leads are.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

  • To close deals faster, highlight key opportunity insights including customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement
  • This provide sales reps with the next best action to take based on positive and negative signals to increase the likelihood of closing an opportunity.

Einstein Account Insights

  • Alarm sales are about important business developments related to their accounts, including the latest news about business expansion and leadership change.
  • Alert sales reps to activity-related insights, such as when a contact mentions a competitor or is leaving their company, based on recent emails and events related to accounts. This helps to know when to engage with important accounts and what to discuss based on the latest insights.

Einstein Automated Contacts

  • Uses e-mail and event activity to search for new contacts and contact roles that can be added to Salesforce
  • Depending on how you set up the feature, it suggests the new data or automatically adds it for you.