Salesforce, V2Force And Second Chances

First of all, a confession.

“I am a workaholic.”

There was a time taking leaves would cause me serious discomfort. There was a time I felt guilty for having spent time socializing at work instead of “working”. My identity was once upon a time based on my job – and my job only.

Which is why leaving work to be a stay-at-home mom was one of the toughest decisions I ever took.

How many of us have been in this position? And how many times have we wondered how and when we would get back to work – and if we would be too rusty to pick up things from where we left them. If you think you can relate, read on – because my story resonates with exactly this.

When I thought of returning to the workforce after a hiatus, I knew I could not rely on the technology I used to work in before to find a job again – a “gap” would mean relearning and still having no experience to prove that I could do it. So, when my ex-manager casually mentioned if I would like try my hand at learning Salesforce basics maybe he could see if I was a good fit for some of the work he had in the pipeline – honestly, I thought it to be crazy. I had never worked with any CRM before and this was not my field of expertise anywhere in space-time.

Eight months down the line and I had already gotten the chance to be a shadow resource and learn from some internal projects. I had already had the chance to have two excellent mentors who made sure I worked hard and did not lose track. And I was already appearing for my Salesforce Admin Certification, post which I got a chance to come back to work. Ever since then, I am learning something tremendous every single day. And even better, I have found my work-life balance. Yay!

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is in the news so often – we can’t help but wonder how it has managed to be so popular with customers, partners, developers, administrators, consultants, business analysts and the management.

Not only is it convenient to start digging into – thanks to “#Trailhead, that gives you your own personal development environment to practice (for free) – but it also has its own “#Ohana”, a family of people in the ecosystem that shell out help in the form of articles, videos and more for problem-solving.

Not to mention how you can be a participant in the multitude of events conducted by Salesforce – #Dreamforce, TrailheaDX, Connections to name a few – giving you a chance to network and know what the latest is.

Another huge boost is the user groups, dev groups and admin groups that have local chapters and conduct in-person and web-based meetings each month. There are also study groups that help peer study for the certification. It’s amazing!

Why V2Force?

At V2Force, the team is everything – we support each other such that all can make progress.

Our technical knowledge on all things Salesforce is less to none.

We give opportunities to everyone to succeed – whether you are new or a veteran, work as an admin or as a developer.

The management is involved, takes care of employee needs and is vested in individual growth. We have a large team of professionals who are all certified.

Thinking about why you should join us?

Because we are that good.

Life lessons learned:

A bend in the road is not the end of the road. Unless you don’t make the turn.

In fact, second chances are sometimes better than the first ones.

Here’s what you should know:

  • It is never too late to re-network. Your contacts might know about some work offer that might work for you.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for work. Be confident and make sure you are in a ready-to-learn
  • Know how much you can commit and make your intentions clear. Can’t travel? Need work from home? Need Flexi timings? Check if there are options available that you can work with.
  • Your manager is not the enemy – he is probably juggling several things and needs clarity. Communicate clearly – that helps him help you!
  • You need a group; heck a village, to being successful. Your team is your strength – make sure you act like a team player.
  • Salesforce facilitates easy learning and you can gather experience on the job – however, be aware, the competition is pretty intense. You need soft skills to add on to that certification you just took.

I am lucky to be a part of V2Force – where I get to interact with some of the brightest minds and learn something new each day.

Start your second innings with us today at