It is predicted that by 2022, over 3.3 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem and it will become the top tech skill paying more than $200k per year. That means, if you have been looking to acquire new skills in order to open up high-paying job opportunities for yourself, then getting a Salesforce certification might be the perfect option for you.


Salesforce is in high demand in the technology industry, and every other company is looking to hire Salesforce experts in various job roles including developers, administrators, and consultants.

Kickstarting your Salesforce career is not extremely difficult, but it can take some time, which means you need to be patient and dedicated throughout the way. To help you out with this journey, we have put together the five ultimate steps to kickstart your salesforce career.

Find the right training tool online

To learn the basics of Salesforce, you need to find the right training tool that can help guide you. There are various online tools and portals that you can take advantage of:


Trailhead is an interactive and free learning tool that has been developed by Salesforce itself. The tool has different modules that you can study at your own pace. At the end of every module, there are different hands-on exercises that need to be completed and they are validated by Trailhead.

In case there are any errors in your completed exercises, the tool helps you identify those as well and explains the reason behind the error. There are different trails, or routes that you can take to learn Salesforce, depending on whether you want to be a developer, admin, advanced admin, or anything else.

After you are done with Trailhead modules, you can also take up an entire project to put all your learned lessons into action.

Salesforce Cheat Sheets

Salesforce also has Cheat Sheets that are basically quick reference guides which you can use anytime. You can either save these cheat sheets on your computer, or better, take a print of them and hang them near your work desk so that you can look over at them anytime you need help.

Salesforce YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel by Salesforce is perfect for people who prefer visual video learning. The channel includes how-to videos and well-explained sessions that can help you understand all the important concepts.

Join online forums and communities

Learning Salesforce all by yourself can get boring, and oftentimes difficult when you are having trouble understanding a particular concept — which is exactly why you need to join online Salesforce forums and communities.

You can start by joining the Salesforce community and its developer forum. Stackexchange also has a Salesforce section. Not only it will help you clear out your doubts, but you can also answer questions from others which will help reinforce your concepts.

Network with professionals and start practicing

Your goal isn’t just to become a Salesforce expert, but to kickstart your career in Salesforce and that has one important requirement — Landing a job.

That is why, don’t wait until you are completely confident with your Salesforce knowledge to let people know you are looking to change jobs. Start networking and connecting with people to get your name out there and let them know that you are planning to get a job in Salesforce. Of course, LinkedIn is the best way to start. You can also attend Salesforce events around your city or spread the word in your professional circle.

Get certifications

Once you get enough expertise and experience in Salesforce, you can go for Salesforce certifications, depending on the role that you want to apply for. With official Salesforce certifications added to your resume, you will be able to confirm your skills and experience to future employers, and in turn, get better job opportunities


Final words

Since you will be learning Salesforce at your own pace, and you might only be able to give time on the weekends because of your full-time job, it can take you anywhere between 7-10 months to get certified. Stay motivated and be patient, and you will surely get there.