Boosting revenues with the right CPQ configuration ​

About the Client

Primex is a global market leader focused on providing the best products & services in the time-synchronization, advanced monitoring and facility compliance arena.

Business Needs

Though the client was using CPQ, it wasn't effective as it wasn't setup to handle different types of subscription models. Creating quotations still required a lot of manual time and effort. The client needed to leverage CPQ properly to streamline their process.


In the discovery phase team analyzed systems and shared plan of action with Client. 

Team configured the Subscription and Asset products properly in CPQ.

Set up automation to generate Contracts and Renewals on time, and send advance notifications to Contract owners and customers about subscription expiry.

Updated the quotation template to handle the products added via upsell/amendments​.

Technology Stack: CPQ.​


•Proper setup of products boosted efficiency in quotation process.
•The automated renewal process ensured no revenue was lost due to ZERO missed renewals. 

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