Migrating to CPQ to transform the quotation process ​

About the Client

The client is an IT security software company, and it enables information security and governance professionals to control their sensitive, regulated and business-critical data, no matter where it is stored.​

Business Needs

The client's quote generation process was very time-consuming and manual.​ Due to high dependency on people, the process had multiple bottlenecks. They also had to spend considerable time training their people on quote generation. The process needed to be optimized, and had to handle complex business rules.​


The team migrated all the existing products to Salesforce CPQ and configured them as per required parameters.

Implemented advanced approvals to have the quotes approved by Manager and/or VP and/or CEO based on the product type and discounts applied.

Developed customized quotation templates as per various business processes.

Migrated all product related historical and existing data to CPQ via batch process.

Technology Stack: CPQ, CPQ Advanced Approvals​.


•Streamlined the quote generation process to create accurate quotes, faster.
•The Advanced approvals ensured the right quotes were sent to the customers.
•Enabled Sales reps to focus on customer experience via simplified quotation process.

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