Streamlining end to end license application process enhanced the overall customer experience​

About the Client

​Our client has emerged as one of Florida's leading information technology service providers, with 20 years of providing digital transformation services. They have been delivering high-quality, tailored solutions for government-based projects.

Business Challenges

The client was looking for a partner to help with development and QA services for their end users.

They have a licensing authority department (RALT). The department issues different types of licenses and certificates (medical board licenses, practitioner licenses, pharmacy) for their end customers.

The client has multiple boards and license types, and different sets of information are required for each license type.

Their typical process involves multiple steps, which includes people submitting necessary documents and details, processing payments, internal approval process, and scanning license requests. Once the requests are approved, the licenses are issued. They also have a separate process for the renewal of expired licenses.

They faced two challenges:

In their existing system, capturing different sets of information for license applications was tedious.

Managing different types of processes (applications and renewals) and multiple types of licenses was time-consuming, so they were looking to simplify and streamline the end-to-end process.


We implemented an inbuilt Salesforce framework called Public Sector Cloud that helped make the information-capturing process for different types of licenses easier.

Our team streamlined the processes required for issuing new licenses and renewing expired ones. We simplified their end-to-end license and certificate management process.

The V2 Team implemented Experience Cloud that helped the applicants know their applications' status. It also was useful for the internal teams to understand the progress of applications.

We also implemented Vlocity to design forms and scripts that end users require to enter applicant information. We used Omniscript, a part of the Vlocity package, to build a better User Interface. (for building code-free dynamic and responsive forms)

The Path Ahead

Our Digital Engineering team is working with them on another FRAME project. The goal of the program is to encourage qualified medical professionals to practice in underserved locations of the state by providing annual payments/waivers intended to offset the loans and educational expenses incurred by them. We are helping the client build and test an application for the same. It is an ongoing project which will go live in some time.

Technology Stack: Salesforce Public Sector Cloud, Experience Cloud, Vlocity, Omniscript​


Optimal Efficiency: The key processes were streamlined end-to-end, saving time and effort.
Better Visibility: With the Experience cloud, applicants have more visibility and transparency in the application process.
Better Profile Management: Quick TAT with better license and certificate management.
Satisfied Customer:Enhanced UI/UX led to improved customer satisfaction.

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