Enhanced Customer Service with Salesforce Lightning​

About the Client

The client is into providing the best drinking water without plastic waste for 20 years. They use advanced filtration technologies to deliver clean, great-tasting water and ice. They are associated with manufacturing, installing, selling, and servicing water dispensers, water coolers, RO systems, etc.

Business Challenges

The existing contract management system used hard copies, which were difficult to maintain and time-consuming.

They also faced challenges with quotation generation.

They maintained the field service team's data on MS Excel sheets; hence it wasn't easy to check their availability. The result was slow customer service.

They were handling the invoices manually using Quickbooks software.


We implemented Field Service Lightning Package end-to-end that helped our client maintain inventory and assets in a structured manner.

They were also able to effortlessly manage the data of field service agents like operating hours, location of work, scheduled appointments,
availability of workers, etc.

Implemented CPQ for quote generation.

The integration of 3rd part application induced some enhanced features.

Features of 3rd Party Integrations:

When an end-customer raised an issue, a contract would get generated via DocuSign GEN consisting of product details purchased by the end-customer.

After the quotation was generated with CPQ, the DocuSign E-signature integration we implemented enabled the client to sign the accepted quote and collect details like bank details, ACH numbers, etc.

We integrated Quickbooks with Salesforce, which triggered invoice generation immediately after the approval of a quote. The invoice then automatically flowed into Quickbooks. Once the invoice entry was done, a record for that entry was created in Salesforce for that customer.

Technology Stack: Field service lightning, CPQ.​


Streamlined Processes: Simplified and streamlined processes as Salesforce became their single source of validated information.
Better Customer Service: Increased Turn Around Time and better Customer Service were two notable enhancements as the field service workers could get emergency appointments instantly and act quickly.
Boosted Overall Performance: The client experienced better time and effort management as processes like contract generation were digitalized and manual work was eliminated with the integration of Salesforce.

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