Migrating to Financial Services Cloud to create value for the customers

About the Client

The client is a major boutique investment and portfolio management firm with a strong team of highly experienced portfolio managers and a holistic approach to wealth management that sets them apart.

Business Needs

The client wanted to streamline their existing solution and help serve more customers. They also wanted to personalize interactions and plan around the financial goals of their customers and nurture value-based engagement. To achieve these goals, they were looking to deploy Financial Services Cloud. So our partners asked us to handle the Financial Services Cloud Migration.


Our framework, designed to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, includes:

  • Evaluation of the complexity of the problem statement
  • Strategy – Determining the WWW (Who, What, When)
  • Build and Test
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

The client's biggest hurdle was the timeline. We developed a robust migration plan with a team of experts to ensure we meet their business goals and timeline

Within a timeline of 4 weeks, our team of experts accomplished

  • Mapping the data structure
  • Transferring the client database
  • Cleansing of the data
  • Deployment
  • Migrating and verifying the data

Technology Stack: Financial Services Cloud


⦁ Clear visibility into Data Relationships and access to Client Histories
⦁ Boosted growth by increasing efficiency and data security, achieved through improved flexibility and secure collaborative capabilities.
⦁ Improved Financial Goal Tracking
⦁ Organization and Household Consolidation
⦁ Easy ability to Merge and Split Households (including Members, Groups, Object-Roll ups)

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