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About the Client

The client is an investment consultant and helps its customers to diversify their portfolio and make prudent investments, in line with the on-going market conditions. 

Business Needs

To deliver excellent customer service, the client had launched a personalized dashboard for all its customers via the Salesforce Community. It showed their customers a consolidated view of their investment portfolio, on-demand.

However, with an increasing customer base, updating this dashboard regularly became a major pain point. This led to the client searching for solutions to optimize this extremely time-consuming, error-prone, and manual process.

Having worked with V2Force before, the client consulted us. After assessing the situation and understanding the client's goals, V2Force had found an answer to the business challenge - BOTs. 


V2Force's RPA team mapped the entire business process that the client's team was following. After eliminating process inefficiencies, the team designed BOTs that performed the following steps:

Log into each of the systems of various financial institutions, at varying but predetermined frequencies.

Download the key data points and enter it in an excel file for each customer.

Upload the excel file in Salesforce.

A rule-based, repetitive process was an ideal candidate for RPA and once the BOTs were deployed it transformed the entire process – While the client's financial team took hours to update a single dashboard, the BOT needed only a few minutes – and it was 100% error-free.


•Significant increase in customer satisfaction due to 0 errors in their financial data.
•A boost in process efficiency.
•Shifted focus of valuable resources to revenue-generating activities.

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