Implementing Sales Cloud Led to a Cohesive Sales Process​

About the Client

Our client is a Los Angeles-based cannabis-holding company that owns its products from cultivation to retail. They manufacture and provide transportation, logistics, and supply chain services across the US and Europe for cannabis-related products.

Business Challenges

The client had multiple stores across the US and used to manage all their sales activities through territory sales managers (TSM). They sold their products to wholesalers, stores, and small businesses and had to handle multiple licenses.

The major challenges faced by the client were:

They used to manage all the accounts and data for multiple orders (monthly/yearly) using Google Sheets, which was time-consuming and tedious.

Moreover, several users accessed the customer data files, making it difficult to track data.

The client also wanted to streamline the Sales process through the territory and order management.

They were looking to improve the management and approval process of their cannabis licenses, along with account management.


For their data management we implemented Sales Cloud, which enabled centralized data access.

We helped them with account management by creating accounts for individual companies/buyers. This also helped them easily manage their licenses based on the account hierarchy.

The client had multiple products, most of which had different prices. And every Sales account had multiple orders. We seamlessly managed this entire process by centralizing the data.

We custom-implemented features so that the data of each order could be easily pulled from the respective account. As soon as the account name/number was entered, all the shipping and payment-related details would now be visible to the account managers and territory sales managers. We also customized discount calculations for certain products.

V2 Team enhanced the Inventory management feature in Sales Cloud, and the inventory could now be updated regularly. Credits and taxes based on licenses were defined and incorporated as well.

Every TSM was assigned an account and now had complete visibility to only his account(s). It was achieved by implementing the Sales Cloud. This simplified the entire process for everyone involved.

We also did custom implementation to help them maintain their sample price book catalog and product categories.

The Path Ahead

Currently, we are working with them on custom implementations for their on-demand requirements.

Technology Stack: Sales Cloud.​


Enhanced Sales Process: Their sales process became streamlined, transparent, and cohesive.
Better Turnaround times: As the data was centralized it improved the turnaround time significantly.
Improved Accessibility: Increased accessibility to individual users for better account management.
Enhanced Visibility: Centralized data created actionable reports and dashboards with relevant Sales metrics helped improve the data visibility. 

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