Optimizing Cost and Customer Response Using Service Cloud​

About the Client

The client is one of the largest industrial distributors in North America. They provide a broad range of products and value-added services with leadership positions in maintenance, repair, and operations to around 300,000 customers.

Problem Statement

The client had an in-house Salesforce team and was using multiple other tools like SAP for different operations within the organization.

Since most processes were old/conventional, working on multiple projects parallelly with the defined timelines was challenging.

They had many users and their respective data; we reached the maximum API limit in Salesforce.

So, they wanted to modify the existing setup to decrease the customer response time (to meet deadlines) and improve the overall efficiency of project delivery.


The project was divided into two phases based on client priorities. The first phase focused on customer engagement, while the second prioritized cost-effectiveness.

During the 1st Phase

Implemented Service cloud and configured case management in Salesforce, which helped Sales reps initiate upselling and get a quick view of all products.

We helped them with custom developments to display location-specific alerts related to weather conditions, upcoming holidays, etc.

During the 2nd Phase

Integrated Salesforce with their telephony system using custom development, thereby saving the license cost of an AppExchange package.

Implemented features like past user history and call details for the customer service reps, enabling personalized customer experience.

Set up the chat support feature for their website.

We overcame this challenge of reaching the maximum API limit (with many users and their data) by working with the Salesforce support team and switching to generic events from platform events.

Tech Stack: Service Cloud,​


• Streamlined overall sales process by improving efficiency and delivery of TAT
• Significant cost savings for the entire project
• High customer support, customer response time, and customer satisfaction numbers with better-informed decisions made by the customer service reps
• User engagement improved by enhancing UI/UX design

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