Secured, Seamless Access to a Digital Signature Platform using Salesforce Integration​

About the Client

The client is a product-based company headquartered in the United States. They provide a secured, electronic digital signature platform for their end-customers from real estate, healthcare, legal, finance, etc. They use blockchain technology for the utmost privacy and security of data.

Business Challenges

The client sent out Word documents, images, and PDFs to get their end customers' digital signatures. They could send a single document to multiple people in the end-customers team and set the hierarchy for e-signatures based on the team's hierarchy. Their product had prebuilt templates, and the end customers could create documents based on them.

Business Scenario

Signing documents for the end customers took time and effort, involving multiple manual steps like downloading and uploading documents.

Some of the client's competitors already had an integration with Salesforce, and 40-50% of the client's end-customers were already using Salesforce.

So, the client wanted to take this opportunity to build a seamless connection with Salesforce with an application that would serve as a connector.


The client had an application to manage subscriptions, user configurations, username configuration pages, account pages, etc. 

We used their branding to build a new application (GUI) within the Salesforce environment and API integrations to the client's app.

Changes made in the application were automatically reflected in the client's app.

V2 team built custom features wherein end-customers could select and populate documents from this client's app.

Similarly, we designed a drag-and-drop feature that could be used for e-signatures.

The enhancements also helped to track the status of all documents within this application. There were regular status updates about the completion of the document (Example: Document sent, User 1 Signed, User 2 Pending, etc.)

After the document was completed with signatures from all end customers, it was moved back to Salesforce, so the end customers did not have to switch between 2 different environments to upload documents.


The key advantage of integration with Salesforce is that it helps save the end customer's time. Since the end customers are already present in the Salesforce environment, the seamless integration between Salesforce and the client's application makes it easier to attach and send the documents to recipients. Once all end-customers sign the documents, they can automatically use Salesforce without any other interface.

Tech Stack: Sales Cloud, Apex, Visualforce pages​


Reduced Document Turnaround Time: Salesforce integration helped the client to easily attach and send multiple documents to the end customers.
Enhanced Customer Experience: The modified GUI helped to make the process user-friendly, leading to a seamless user experience and improved customer satisfaction.
Boosted Customer Loyalty: The application's enhancement helped the existing end-customers stay loyal to the client.
Gained a Competitive Edge: The client pitched their product to people already using Salesforce, which led to improved brand visibility and enhanced revenue.

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