All the lightning features mentioned in previous blog share the reasons that you must switch to the lightning experience. Remember a universal truth, change is not easy. You need a thoughtful plan to succeed. Before migrating to lightning, you should consider below important aspects  : 

  • Advanced UI but not all – lightning has many advanced UI features. It does not mean it has all the features you are using in classic UI. You must validate features you are using in classic is also available in lightning. For example, classic has option to set list views based on a group which is not available in lightning. You should identify alternative ways before migrating to achieve successful adaptation by users.
  • Everything is not lightning ready – it’s important to check your Salesforce edition/ licenses is lightning supported. All the editions/ licenses have not been supported for lightning. Go through with list of the editions and licenses supported by lightning.
  • Every feature is not smooth transition – Even if your Salesforce edition has been  supported by Lightning, all features may not simply migrate. You may need to update/reconfigure few features to meet business requirement. You can use ‘Lightning Experience Readiness Check – Report‘  to see the feature which will go smooth with the lightning migration and what need to be updated to make the existing functionality work smoothly in lightning experience.
  • All custom development is not compatible – your organization may be using custom code to meet your business requirement. You may require to tweaks code for custom development to cope up with new lightning UI like JavaScript buttons or Visualforce pages requires changes. Trust me, this investments will give you biggest advantage in improving business productivity.
  • Is AppExchange package Lightning ready? – Now most of the AppExchange packages are Lightning ready, still not all. Check the AppExchange  package(s) your organization is using. Are they lightning ready. If not, ask your ISV partner for release plan.
  • Screen Layout & data position – in lightning data positions and screen navigation changes. To ensure important information is always available to user on single click in lightning experience use Lightning Experience Migration Assistant – ‘preview’ tab. It shows your data in lightning experience and help you to change layouts based on what users want to see.

We recommend and assist to prepare successful migration strategy. You may want iterative migration strategy based on department, users  or role.  Iterative migration strategy allows you to collect user feedback, improve & change  before you implement for next set of users.  This not only helps smooth and better transition but you have users ready for advocating the changes & benefits before you implement for next set of user.

We highly recommend migrating to lightning to get the benefits of much-improved user experience and a bunch of useful features. With all these considerations, you guys might agree with us.

Happy lightning!!!